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    Fox Family,


    It is an honor to introduce myself as the Interim Principal of the Jefferson/Silva community. Throughout my career in education, putting the needs of students first has always been my main focus. From 2009 to 2016, I served as a Math teacher at Jefferson/Silva where my love for the students of this community began. 

    After my time as a Math teacher, I continued on my path to serve students and teachers as the Guidance and Instructional Assistant Principal at Franklin High School. My time in administration improved my ability to work with and work for my school community building collaboration, balancing strategic and operational objectives, and adjusting to the many changes in the past year. The experience will enable me to continue to build a strong, foundational campus together with teachers and staff.

    My philosophy and promise to Jefferson will show that I will walk in front of you to lead you, I will walk alongside you, and I will walk behind you to push you when you need it.

     I believe in the collaborative process, knowing together we can empower this campus to succeed at an elite level.

     I look forward to this year and growing our campus, and always open for positive input for student success.


     Yong Vega

    Interim Principal

  • Principal

    Yong Vega, Interim Principal (ysvega@episd.org)

    Assistant Principals

    Brittany Abery-Baker, Assistant Principal - Guidance & Instruction (beaberyb@episd.org)

Yong Vega, Interim Principal
  • Yong Vega

    Interim Principal, Jefferson/Silva HS