Welcome to the Go Center

  • Lisa Ann Schoenbrun is the GO Center Coordinator.  Her office is on the Main Campus in E261. She is here to help you with anything having to do with college, career and military readiness.

    Things Ms. Schoenbrun can help you with:

    • College Applications
    • College Visits
    • College Essays
    • Scholarship Applications
    • Military Recruitment
    • Trade School Applications
    • College Resumes
    • Sorority Rush
    • TSI Testing
    • FAFSA
    • TAFSA 


    Scholarships are not just for Seniors--you can start as early as freshman year. Please sign up for: 

    www.raise.me.com   This is free Micro Grants and should be updates at the end of each semester.  You can earn monies for community service, college visits, and your academics.

    www.goingmerry.com  All students need to join Going Merry.  There are thousands of scholarships that are prescriptive to each student.

    Download the Band App on your phone and join the Franklin Go Center for updates of happenings in the GO Center such as college and military visits and a different scholarship is posted every day that all grade levels may be eligible for.


  • Free Student Tutoring

    As school districts adapted to the COVID-19 crisis, teachers were tasked with learning a new technological method of teaching that they knew nothing about. As a result, teachers were now focusing on implementing the new method and not ensuring its success. This caused a fundamental problem with the educational process and many students were left struggling.

    STEP was created by high school students Jordan Katz and Hamzeh Hamdan who wanted to ensure that the delay in the education system does not affect students. Already among the top of their class, they reached out to others who proficiently understood science, mathematics, and English and offered them an opportunity to help their peers.

    Given that our services are free, our tutors have decided to dedicate several hours every week. This testament of their strong character sets our tutors apart from other services; we do not only offer the most proficient high school tutors, but also the most willing.

    Appointments for any of our services can be made by clicking on this link-  Student Tutors of El Paso



  • New Graduation Requirement Beginning for Class of 2022

    In Texas, to begin college without remedial courses you need one of the following in both math and reading: TSI 2.0 SCORE: 945 ELAR and a 5 on the essay & 950 on MATH SAT SCORE: 530 MATH & 480 on EBRW ACT SCORE: Composite score of 23 & a minimum score of 19 in both Math & Reading Your future starts with college readiness

    Who: Students who have not met college-ready standards or are wishing to take dual credit courses in the upcoming years. Why: The goal is for all EPISD students to graduate college-ready and have the opportunity to begin college without needing remedial classes.

    What: Four one-week camps designed to prepare students for the college application process as well helping them pass the TSI 2.0. Students will have the opportunity to TSI test each Friday and may choose which week they want to attend. When: Session 1 (June 21-25); Session 2 (June 28-July 2); Session 3 (July 6-9); Session 4 (July 12-16); students can choose to attend the morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon session (12:30pm-4:30pm). Where: All high schools will be offering the College Readiness Camp at designated summer school sites. How: Interested students should contact their counselor to register.