• What you can do to get ready for college as a high school senior:


    • Use applytexas.org, commonapp.org, and school websites to complete college applications REMEMBER TO VISIT THE GO CENTER
    • Watch applications for college admissions deadlines
    • Register for the ACT and/or SAT
    • Complete NCAA forms (athletes)
    • Attend Senior Parent Night with parents
    • Complete Senior Information Sheet for teachers and counselors you will ask to write letters of recommendation 
    • Visit college campuses


    • Take SAT and/or ACT
    • Attend College Fair
    • Attend FAFSA night at Franklin and Complete FAFSA application
    • Ask teachers or counselor to write letters of recommendation, if needed
    • Begin searching for information on scholarships and financial aid


    • November 1st is the Early Action and Early Decision Deadline
    • Listen to announcements for scholarship possibilities and apply
    • Applications for UT Austin and Texas A&M are due by December 1


    • Take SAT and /or ACT if not yet completed
    • Apply for on campus housing
    • Complete any college applications not yet finished
    • Make sure you pass all Fall classes


    • Request midyear reports if applicable


    • Register for the draft if you are a male age 18 or older
    • Request your seven semester rank in class from the registrar


    • Consider admission and financial aid offers
    • Apply for local scholarships
    • Register for AP exams, if applicable​


    • Make sure you have turned in all necessary documents to the college.


    • Notify the college you will be attending regarding your acceptance
    • Inform those colleges you are rejecting with a thank-you
    • Request final transcript to be sent to college
    • Apply for housing deposit refund from any school you are not attending


    • Attend Graduation!