• SEL Monthly Themes

     September – Friendship:

    Using your words and actions to show others you care.  I can make and keep friends.

     October – Creativity:

    Using your imagination to do something unique.  I can dream and imagine.

     November – Gratitude:

    Letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.  I can say thank you.

     December – Generosity

    Making someone’s day by giving something away.  I can give.

    January – Commitment:

    Making a plan and putting it into practice.  I can keep my promise.

     February – Kindness:

    Showing others they are valuable by how you treat them.  I can care for others.

     March – Patience: 

    Waiting until later for what you want now.  I can wait.

     April – Peace:

    Proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.  I can share.

     May –Honesty: 

    Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.  I can tell the truth.