• Requesting Testing Accommodations

    Some students may qualify for accommodations on standardized tests.  Decisions regarding accommodations on ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP exams are made by those entities and not by Franklin  High School.  Even if you receive accommodations at Franklin, you may not be approved for accommodations on these exams.

    Additionally, accommodations for standardized testing may look different than what a student gets in class.  For an ACT or SAT, extended time for some students might mean anywhere from 6 hours of testing in a single day to testing across two or more days.  In many cases, multiple-day testing means one or more day might be during the regular school day (meaning you would miss your classes for part or all of that day).

    Finally, it could take as little as two weeks or up to seven weeks for accommodations to be approved.


    ​Checklist for Students and Parents

    • Assistant Principal Clark Edwinson (gcedwins@episd.org)  is the school official who will submit your request to ACT once you have completed the steps outlined in the above document.

    Consent  Form

    College Board exams (SAT and PSAT)

    STEP ONE:  The student should determine if s/he is indeed receiving accommodations at Franklin and that these accommodations are documented formally as part of an IEP or 504.

    ​STEP TWO: The student should turn in the signed parent Consent Form to our College Board SSD Coordinator, Clark Edwinson in the Counseling Office (gcedwins@episd.org).

    • Mr. Edwinson will submit the request to College Board electronically.  An appointment is not necessary since the accommodations to be requested are clearly identified in the student's formal plan.  Only the accommodations identified in the formal plan can/will be requested.  ​

    STEP THREE:  The student/parent will receive a decision letter from the College Board approving or denying the request for accommodations.  Be aware that, if more than one accommodation is requested, it is possible that only some will be approved.

    • The decision letter will contain a unique SSD number that is assigned to that student.  If the student has been approved for ANY accommodations, these accommodations may be applied to all future PSAT/AP/SAT exams (no need to apply again, unless the student receives a new accommodation at Westlake and would like to request this new accommodation through the College Board).
    • Once you have your SSD number, you can register for the SAT.  You will be prompted to add your SSD number as part of the registration process.
    • Students who are approved for College Board accommodations should keep their decision letter and SSD number is a safe place.  They will need this SSD number when registering for future PSAT/AP/SAT exams.  If a student has misplaced his/her SSD number, they can email Mr. Edwinson for the number.