• Student must take the Texas Success Initiative, or TSI test, and receive a passing score in reading and math in order to be eligible for Dual Credit courses.

    • College ready scored for the TSI are:
      • Reading 351-390
      • Math 350-390
    • Students must maintain a passing grade in the grade in order to stay in a Dual Credit course.
    • There is no grade averaging for Dual Credit.
      • Meaning a student must pass each semester.

    Dual Credit courses are offered to students at Andress High School through the El Paso Community College (EPCC) using their college level curriculum.  Course are as follows:

    How does a student prepare for Dual Credit?

    Students need to get an EPCC ID


    1. Student needs to apply for admissions through www.applytexas.org
    2. Approximately five weeks after the student applied for admissions, the student should receive an e-mail from EPCC with his/her EPCC ID

    What has changed?

    Due to state legislation through House Bill 5 (HS5), Students may take as many Dual Credit courses as they wish, or as many as the school offers. This applies as long as long as Students have meet the TSI requirement.

    What courses are available at Andress High School?

    English 4 British Literature, English 3 Language and Literature, English 4 Literature, Pre-Calculus, Geology, US Government, Economics, State & Local Government, US History, Psychology, and Sociology

    Other resources

     TSI Test Practice Links