• Don Haskins PK-8

    International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

    Assessment Policy

    Philosophy of Assessment:


    At Don Haskins PK-8 we believe that all students can learn. In our Middle Years Programme, meaningful assessment of learning answers the questions: What do we want to learn? How will we know if we've learned? What will we do if we haven't learned?


    According to IB, "the single most important aim of MYP assessment is to support and encourage student learning". (MYP: From Principles to practice, 41) To that end, formative and summative assessment in the MYP will inform instruction through analysis of student performance data, timely feedback to students on their performance, and reflection on best practices to improve instruction. Student self-assessment and reflection of both the learning process and products of learning are also integral to the assessment process in the MYP.


    Purposes of assessment:


    ● Support and encourage learning and progress toward meeting district, IB/MYP criteria and state of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, along with other state standard requirements for college/career readiness.

    ● Provide feedback to students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders on student progress in learning and effectiveness of curriculum and instruction.

    ● Promote critical and higher-order thinking skills, deep and authentic understanding of content, inquiry into real-world contexts, and positive attitudes toward lifelong learning.

    ● Reflect international-mindedness of program through Global Contexts

    ● Support holistic development of students through Learner Profile and ATL skills



    Principles of Assessment:


    Assessment of curricular objectives using IB/MYP Criteria, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and other state standards, along with standardized testing, will provide evidence of student achievement. Assessment is an authentic and ongoing process that provides feedback to help students understand where they are in the learning process. It is both formative and summative.

    High quality assessments:


    · are aligned with standards and criteria

    · have clear criteria that are shared with the students prior to assessment

    · provide students with feedback about their learning and allow students to reflect on their learning

    · are differentiated or modified when necessary


    Essential Agreements on Assessment:


    What will be assessed:


    Don Haskins PK-8 will fulfill state, district, and IB/MYP assessment requirements for their grade levels and departments. Grade levels and departments will review their assessment practices annually to revise as needed. The assessment policy will also be reviewed annually and revised as needed by the IB/MYP Steering Committee and Campus Improvement Team.

    Criteria for Assessment:


    MYP Subject Requirements


    Each subject area will use the assessment rubric and descriptors from the IB/MYP as well as creating task-specific clarifications of those assessments for students. Not all criteria will necessarily be used each marking period for every subject, but all criteria will be assessed at least twice by the end of the year. All students will be assessed according to both the above stated IB/MYP Assessment Criteria and Don Haskins PK-8's Grading Policies.

    Common practices in recording and reporting student achievement

    Teachers are using our district grading platform, TEAMS, to record IB grades. When reporting grades to parents:

    · Evidence of learning will be shared with parents during conferences and on report cards (every nine weeks) Our report card contains numerical grades as required by our district system.

    · MYP assessment criteria scores are reported in TEAMS and parents can view those grades through their parent portal account.



    IB criteria score 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


    is 0 50% 60% 70% 75% 81% 86% 91% 100%


    IB grades will also be reported to parents during student and parent conferences. Student grades, assignments, and teacher comments can also be viewed 24-hours a day through the Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal. It is our hope to implement a 4th quarter IB report card using the IB general grade descriptors in the near future.


    Methods of Assessment


    Each subject area will determine appropriate formative, summative, and common assessments related to their state standards and MYP prescribed assessment criteria.


    Assessments may include, but are not limited to:


    · Projects, Presentations, and Performances (both live and/or incorporating digital media)

    · Essays, Compositions, Lab Reports

    · Portfolios, Developmental Workbooks, Process Journals, Writer’s Notebooks

    · Tests, Quizzes, Exams

    · Group or Panel Discussions, Online Forums, Socratic Seminars


    Assessment of Community Project


    The Community Project is the culminating activity for the IB/MYP. The Community Project will be introduced in the spring of 7th grade, will begin in the fall of 8th grade, and will be completed in spring of 8th grade. The project will be assessed by Community Project Supervisors using the Community Project assessment rubrics. All students in 8th grade will complete the Community Project. Completion of the project with a score of 3 or higher is required for those seeking the IB/ MYP Certificate.



    All policies will be available on the Haskins website. The policies will be accessible to the parents, staff, students, and community.