2007 Bond Overview

  • A Volunteer Subcommittee comprised of 10-12 regular members of the Bond Accountability Committee working with Administration.

    Weekly meetings from January to August, 2006 to Review Demographics, Projected Growth, Cost Estimates and BRAC Issues.

    Principals' Priority Projects -- Health & Safety, Academic, and Community Needs

Summary of Proposed Bond Project Costs:

  • Description Bond Total
    Project Cost
    New School Construction $142,595,868
    Reconstruction of Alamo Elementary School $12,282,091
    Existing School Building Additions $55,055,281
    Technology $4,498,220
    Site Acquisitions $3,504,153
    Refurbishments-Re roofing $9,464,387
    Inflation (Cost estimates account for inflation) ***
    Internal Administrative Costs $1,600,000
    Cost Associated with Issuing Bonds $1,000,000


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    For more information about the progress of the Bond, or if you have any questions or comments, contact us at: Bond2007@episd.org