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    Accountability (STAAR/EOC)
       EOC requirement 

    Q:  are students that aren't attending summer school steal able to retake the eoc?

    A:  Students are strongly encouraged to attend summer school to prepare for the EOC assessments in July; however, summer school is not a requirement for EOC retakes.

    How to Deemphasize Testing?

    Q:  High-stakes standardized testing was a major player in our district cheating scandal, what can our district do to de-emphasize the testing, while still allowing our students to succeed on the tests, particularly our kids with disabilities and limited English proficiency.

    A:  Educators in El Paso ISD will use STAAR results to identify those students who are not performing academically at grade level and offer additional support. Teachers can incorporate a STAAR test item in whole group instruction, and show students how to answer the question correctly. This instructional strategy takes the anxiety out of the learning climate while showing students what they will be expected to do on STAAR.

    Position on Standardized Testing

    Q:  Do you support moving away from standardized testing and towards teacher and student centered teaching? Sent From:

    A:  I am not in favor of eliminating all standardized testing, but I believe we test too much. We need some standardized testing to ensure equity in educational services.

    Reevaluating Standardized Tests

    Q:  Do you feel standardization of tests in regard to learning need to be reevaluated?

    A:  Yes I do. While STAAR tests do help educators to know which students are below grade level, I do not believe we need to test every child every year.
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    Bilingual Education 

    Bilingual stipend change?

    Q: I teach Bilingual Kindergarten and want to know if the stipend ceases does that mean your Administrator has the right to remove you to another grade level?

    A: The Bilingual stipend will remain for all teachers assigned to a bilingual/dual language section.

    Dual Language at Elementary Campuses

    Q: Are ALL elementary school going to have TRUE DUAL LANG program with 2 teachers were our students can truly become BILINGUAL?

    A: EPISD is exploring options to expand the dual language program. Currently EPISD implements a Two Way dual language program but is considering implementing a One Way dual language program. The two teacher model is implemented depending on the number of student participating. The district implements a one teacher model at Mesita GT/Dual language program. At the other 8 dual language schools, the district implements either a two teacher or a one teacher model, depending on the grade level.

    Dual Language at Middle Schools

    Q: When are you going to open the dual language program in the middle schools? We have kids ready for the 2014/2015 school year, example from Kohlberg, Polk, Herrera and Lundy.

    A: A Dual Language program proposal will be presented to the Board of Managers in the November meeting. The proposal will provide many answers. However, the Board of Managers may accept, approve, deny and or provide further direction in terms of dual language programs.

    Dual Language Expansion Into Middle Schools

    Q: El Paso High Townhall Mtg. What is your vision for dual language expansion into the middle schools?

    A: District staff will present a proposal for middle school dual language expansion to the Board of Managers on November 19, 2013. The presentation will focus on selected middle school sites and program design.

    Dual Language Offering at Middle Schools

    Q: Can you provide any update on the progress of dual language being offered in the middle schools? There have been 2 years of middle school students that have lost out on continuing the dual language program in the middle school environment. To ask us to travel to Wiggs is not a reasonable request especially if you have other students in other schools within the district. This needs to be a priority for these students that have participated in the elementary program.

    A: EPISD staff will present a Middle School Dual Language proposal to the Board of Managers on Tuesday, November 19, 2013. The proposal will include recommended sites, program design, and costs.

    Dual Language Question re Options

    Q: Mr. Cabrera, Hello. I have a question regarding the dual language program being implemented next year. I would like to know if we are only given the option of utilizing the one way dual model (only with LEP students) or if we have the option of choosing a two-way dual model ( including monolingual English speakers along with LEP students)? Thank you. Sent From:

    A: During the needs assessment process, the committee looked at available staff and number of ELLs per grade level. The dual language model (one way vs. two way) will varying from campus to campus depending on the staff available and ELLs. The principal along with the needs assessment committee examined options and staffed for the type of dual language model that would best meet the needs of students taking into account the available resources and staff.

    Dual Language Survey Process

    Q: Who was surveyed about the dual language initiative? What is the direction of EPISD's dual language program? Why is there regional imbalance between west/south/northeast? How can parents participate more in the process, be a part of the development? Why inconsistent communication from DELA?

    A: Staff will provide a dual language program proposal that will address many of your expressed concerns. The recommendations will be made in the Board of Managers November meeting.

    English first?

    Q: Did this school district forget it's in USA. should be ONE language taught and that is English. El Paso isn't in Mexico last time I looked. But maybe it's thanks to EPISD that if you only speak English your in trouble at stores in this town. What a shame.

    A: El Paso ISD is committed in providing a quality education to all students by offering dual language programs. The goal of dual language education is to develop biliteracy. The program teaches students in Spanish, however, English is also utilized 50% of the time. Students enrolled in dual language programs will be bi-literate. National research has demonstrated that this type of program increases academic achievement. It also teaches students about diversity and builds cultural competence.

    Future of Dual Language

    Q: El Paso High What is your vision for the future of dual language in the district?

    A: EPISD is exploring options to expand the dual language program to middle school. Staff have been working to put together a proposal to present to the Board of Managers. The district is also looking at implementing One Way dual language programs at interested campuses. Graduating bilingual and bi-literate students is one of the ways EPISD is preparing students for the 21st century.

    Improve Graduation Rates for Bilingual & New English Language Learners

    Q: What other efforts will be made to help improve graduation rates for bilingual and new English language learners as to avoid repeats of what happened in our the district previously?

    A: Two ways to address the issue: One has already been addressed in developing administrative regulations, creating a position in Guidance and Counseling to assist campuses in placement of students from Mexico in classes, and in the training that has been and/or will be provided to campus staff. The second, is improving the quality of instruction, Prek-12 for all ELL students by understanding the data and investing time in training teachers to increase their teaching effectiveness.

    More Dual Language Options in Middle and High Schools

    Q: Will there be more dual language middle school and high school options for the many students in the program. There are many west side parents waiting to hear some news on this. Thank you

    A: Staff will presenting to the Board of Managers on November 19, 2013, a proposed middle school dual language program. The presentation will focus on proposed middle school sites and program design.

    Rumored bilingual stipend change

    Q: Why are you considering doing away with bilingual stipends?

    A: The district is not considering doing away with bilingual stipends. Teachers will continue to receive the stipend if they are assigned to a bilingual/dual language section.

    Teaching Non English Speaking Students

    Q: What is going to be done about teaching non English speaking students so they can function in the classrooms? Who is going to provide services to students who do not speak any English?

    A: EPISD offers a bilingual program at all 58 elementary campuses. Bilingual teachers are responsible for teaching all academic content in English and Spanish. At the secondary level, all campuses offer the required ESL program. Certified ESL teachers teach both language and Reading/ELA content by linguistically accommodating instruction for English Language Learners.

    Why Students From Mexico Held Back a Year

    Q: Why do students that come from Mexico that have Spanish as their first language speaking get held back a year plus, take more then 1 ESL mandatory class in a year (class that help them learn english) having only 8 periods?

    A: Students that come from Mexico and have Spanish as their first language are not held back a year. In grades 1-8, upon admission, the student is placed at the grade level reached in the home country and at high school,the student should be placed initially at the grade level reached in the home country, pending final transcript credit analysis by Guidance Services. The ESOL class is always paired with a Reading class because these students are at the Beginning level of English and need more time.

    Board of Managers Meetings

    Q:  Thank you, I love the business approach? I was in the business field for more 15 years before I started teaching. I love to watch the board meetings online. The meetings are direct and to the point. Many educators don't realize that this approach is necessary in order to get EPISD back on track. Please share with educators the importance running an efficient business and how businesses need to stay afloat. Ms. C

    A:  Thank you for your comments. We look forward to your continued support.

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