Professional Vacancies

  • Please Note:

    New process for applying for Professional/Promotional positions.
    Please read instructions below.

    Current Professional Vacancies:

    It is the district's practice to fill administrative, supervisory, and counseling positions by selecting the best qualified applicants.

    The superintendent may waive any or all of the requirements of any administrative regulation and recommend the employment and/or assignment of a qualified individual, whether the individual is presently employed or from outside the district, when it is in the best interest of the district.

    Employees promoted to an administrative position will be subject to the District's policies & procedures relative to compensation.

    IMPORTANT:All applicants (including current employees) must submit appropriate and current documentation to verify certification for the position desired. If such documentation is not included with the resume and application packet, the applicant will not be considered.

    Those applying for more than one position must submit all required documentation for each posting.


    Applicants for principal and assistant principal positions, as well as other promotional/professional positions must submit a completed application packet via email. Please note that this is a new procedure. Applications submitted via facsimile or mail will not be processed.

    Required Documentation:

    Principal and Assistant Principal application packet must include:

    * All documents should be included for application to be considered *


    Packet for other Promotional/Professional positions must include:

    * All documents should be included for application to be considered *

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