Administrative Professional - Business and Operations

  • 2018 - 2019 Salary Schedule - Administrative Professional - Business and Operations

    Employees will receive at least the minimum rate of the appropriate pay grade.


    Administrative Professional - Instruction / Business & Operations Positions listed by Pay Level

    Approved by Board of Trustees, June 21, 2018

    Pay Level 101

    Auto Shop Fleet Coordinator
    Campus Accountant
    Certification Coordinator
    Coordinator Facilities & Construction
    Coordinator Logistics
    Coordinator SHARS/MAC
    Digital Media/Stage Lighting/Sound Specialist
    Employee Relations Compliance Analyst
    Pregnancy Related Services Specialist
    Coordinator, CNP
    Program Assistant Academic Competitions
    Coordinator Public Information Office D3
    Supervisor Travel
    Transportation Coordinator

    Pay Level 102

    Accountant FNS
    Adult Education Coordinator
    Adult Education Technology Coordinator
    Assessment Coordinator Adult Learning
    Campus College Readiness Coordinator
    Capital Assets Accountant
    Central Distribution Coordinator
    Central Receiving Coordinator
    Communications Specialist Branding
    Coordinator BEFM
    Court Liaison
    External Funding Program Specialist
    External Funding Specialist
    FCF Intervention Specialist
    Grant Writer
    Job Cost Accountant
    Music Therapist
    Payment Services Analyst
    Payroll Reporting Accountant
    Program Accountant
    Program Asst Dept of Defense Education
    ROTC Assistant
    Safety Officer
    Security Surveillance Manager
    Social Worker
    Social Worker - Homeless
    Social Worker Adult Programs
    Staff Accountant
    Staff Auditor
    Student Activity Manager
    Student Outreach Specialist
    Supplemental Social Worker HS
    Title I Acquisition Coordinator

    Pay Level 102H

    Program Asst Dept of Defense Education Activity

    Pay Level 103

    Accounts Payable Assistant Manager
    Accounts Payable Supervisor
    Anti-Truancy Impact Coordinator - Alpha Team (SW)
    Anti-Truancy Impact Coordinator - Alpha Team (T)
    Assistant Manager - Payroll
    Budget Analyst
    Communications Specialist Multi Media
    Compensation Analyst
    Compliance Officer Internal Audit
    Coordinator Family Engagement
    Coordinator Health Services
    Coordinator Health Wellness and PE
    Coordinator Migrant Student Support
    Coordinator SEL
    Coordinator Student Success
    Entitlements & SCE Oversight Analyst
    FCF Program Manager
    Financial Analyst
    Information Technology Auditor
    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Instructional Technology Specialist (BYOD)
    Mentor Social Worker
    Payment Services Analyst
    Manager Planetarium Program
    Print Shop Manager
    Professional Development Specialist
    Purchasing Agent
    SD & ISS
    SD & ISS (SPED Cert)
    Mentor Master Social Worker
    Speech Therapist
    Speech Therapist with Masters
    Stf Dev & Inst Sup Spec Autism
    Supervisor Food Services
    Supervisor Regional Area Maintenance
    Title I Professional Development Spec
    Purchasing Agent, Facilities & Construction

    Pay Level 104

    Accounts Payable Manager
    Campus Financial Analyst
    Community Schools Coordinator
    Coordinator Bond Outreach
    Coordinator Improvement Planning
    Counselor Deaf Education
    Counselor Elementary
    Counselor Elementary AEP
    Counselor High School
    Counselor High School CTE
    Counselor Homebound
    Dean of Counseling & Student Culture
    Education Diagnostician
    Educational Diagnostician Bilingual
    Employee Relations Investigator
    Energy Manager
    Evaluator SCE
    Facilitator DRD
    Facilitator PK-2 Curriculum & Instruction
    Instructional Specialist DRD
    Instructional Technology Manager
    Mentor Diagnostician
    Mentor Diagnostician Bilingual
    Mentor LSSP MA/Eds Bilingual
    Mentor Occupational Therapist
    Mentor Physical Therapist
    Mentor Speech Therapist CCC - Bilingual
    Mentor Speech Therapist w/Cert Clin Comp
    Lead Counselor
    Licensed Spec Sch Psych MA/Eds
    Licensed Spec School Psychology MA/EdS
    LSSP MA/Eds Bilingual
    LSSP PhD/EdD Bilingual
    Occupational Therapist
    Orientation and Mobility Specialist
    Payroll Manager
    Physical Therapist
    Program Manager Homebound/Hospital
    Project Manager Architectural
    Project Manager Civil
    Project Manager Construction
    Project Manager Electrical
    Project Manager HRM Officer
    Project Manager Mechanical
    Project Manager Urban Planning & Real Estate Development
    Senior Internal Auditor
    Speech Therapist w/CCC Bilingual
    Speech Therapist w/CCC Play
    Speech Therapist with Cert of Clin Comp
    Student Activities Manager
    Supplemental Counselor
    Supplemental Title I Counselor High School
    Title I Evaluator

    Pay Level 105

    Administrator Library Learning
    Assessment Coordinator
    Assistant Director Budget
    Assistant Director External Funding
    Assistant Director Food Services
    Assistant Director Public Relations
    Assistant Director Staff Development
    Assistant Director Student & Parent Services
    Assistant Director Student & Parent Services PEIMS
    Assistant Director Transportation
    Audiologist RDSP Deaf Education
    Audit Manager
    Audit Supervisor
    Coordinator Academic Comp/Speech/Journ
    Coordinator ELL Compliance
    Coordinator Improvement Planning
    Coordinator-Office of the Chief of Staff
    Coordinator-Office of the Deputy Supt Finance and Operations
    Facilitator Advanced Academics
    Facilitator Athletics
    Facilitator Career and Technical Education
    Facilitator College Readiness Secondary
    Facilitator Elem Dual Language
    Facilitator Elem English Language Arts
    Facilitator Elem Science
    Facilitator Elem Social Studies
    Facilitator Elementary Bilingual
    Facilitator Elementary Mathematics
    Facilitator Evaluation
    Facilitator Innovation
    Facilitator Instrumental Music
    Facilitator JROTC
    Facilitator LSSP & MSW
    Facilitator OT & PT
    Facilitator PK-2 Connecting Languages/Dual Language
    Facilitator PreK 2 Innovation
    Facilitator RDSD
    Facilitator Secondary English Language Arts
    Facilitator Secondary ESL
    Facilitator Secondary ESL and LOTE
    Facilitator Secondary ESL&Dual Language
    Facilitator Secondary Mathematics
    Facilitator Secondary Science
    Facilitator Secondary Social Studies
    Facilitator SLP
    Facilitator Visual Arts
    Facilitator Vocal Music/Theatre Arts
    GT Identification and Screening Facilitator
    Instructional Facilitator Math
    Mentor Occupational Therapist
    Occupational Therapist
    Physical Therapist
    Project Manager Dept of Defense Education
    Project Manager DoDEA 2017 Grant
    Resource Analyst
    SD & ISS DPL 105
    Senior Communications Specialist
    Student Intake & Transition Admin TTIPS
    Studio Producer
    Title I Coordinator Extended Learning

    Pay Level 106

    Administrator Adult Program
    Assistant Director Accountability
    Assistant Director Athletics
    Assistant Director Athletics-Game Management/Budget
    Compensation & Employment Compliance Manager
    Coordinator CTE Student Support
    Coordinator Employee Relations
    Coordinator Instructional Materials
    Coordinator Section 504
    Division Specialist
    Facilitator Schools Division
    Fund Development and Partnerships Specialist
    Lead Coordinator SEL
    Operations Mgr Supt/Board of Managers
    Senior Data Analyst
    Title I Instructional Coordinator
    Transformation Zone Planning Facilitator

    Pay Level 107

    Director Active Learning
    Director Assessment
    Director C&I Special Ed & Spec Services
    Director Community Engagement
    Director Custodial Operations
    Director Elementary School Personnel & Recruiting
    Director Elementary Division
    Director Employee Benefits
    Director Health Services
    Director Health Wellness and Physical Education
    Director High School Personnel & Recruiting
    Director Middle School Personnel & Recruiting
    Director Risk Management
    Director Special Education
    Director, SPED Operations
    Director Strategy and Evaluation
    Director Support Personnel
    Director Warehouse Services
    Staff Administrator

    Pay Level 108

    Academics and School Leadership Coordinator
    Administrator Library Learning Resources
    Assistant General Counsel
    Coordinator Instructional Materials
    Coordinator Data Analysis
    Coordinator Section 504
    Coordinator Support & Monitoring
    Division Specialist
    Title I Instructional Support
    Director of Athletics
    Director Career & Technical Education
    Director Food Services
    Director Maintenance Buildings Grounds
    Director New Tech
    Director Secondary Instruction
    Director SEL
    Director Staff Development
    Director Student & Parent Services
    Director Student Retention & Truancy Prevention
    Director Tech Innovation & Pilots
    Director Transportation

    Pay Level 109

    Chief Communication Officer
    Chief Internal Auditor
    Ex Dir Talent Acquisition & Personnel Administration
    Executive Director 21st Century Learning & Well-Being
    Executive Director Budget & External Financial Management
    Executive Director C&I
    Executive Director Community Engagement
    Executive Director Employee Relations
    Executive Director Financial Services
    Executive Director Innovation, Design & Development
    Executive Director Operation Support Services
    Executive Director Facilities and Construction
    Executive Director Procurement Services
    Executive Director Strategy, Accountability & Assessment
    Executive Director Student & Family Empowerment

    Pay Level 110

    Assistant Superintendent Schools
    Asst Supt Special Ed & Special Services
    Chief Academic Officer
    Chief of Staff
    Chief Quality Officer
    Chief, Connecting Languages/Dual Language

    Pay Level 111

    Deputy Superintendent Academics and School Leadership
    Deputy Superintendent Finance and Operations
    Deputy Superintendent-Administration
    General Counsel