Unpaid Meals/Charged Meals

  • As established by the EPISD Board of Trustees, a student with an exhausted or insufficient balance on his or her meal card or meal account shall be allowed to continue to purchase meals (credit will be extended) for up to three meals for a student in elementary or middle school and one meal for a student in high school. 

    Parent notification in the event of an exhausted account will be initiated by Food and Nutrition Services (FNS). Parents are encouraged to use myschoolbucks.com to track student account balances and purchases.  There is no charge for this service.  Student accounts can also be funded on this website for a minimal cost.  Parents may also contact the cafeteria manager to inquire about their student’s account balance. 

    In the event that a student has exceeded the credit limit in an elementary or middle school, a student will be offered a courtesy meal.  Our goal is to feed every student a nutritious meal and to make their dining experience a pleasant one.  FNS will do its best to assist parents in making sure their student has enough funds in their lunch account to meet this goal.

  • my school bucks