• The EPISD Police Department was established in September 1989 to create a safe and tranquil environment for the students, teachers and staff of EPISD. The men and women of the EPISD-PD have accepted this duty with an unyielding commitment that has not waivered for almost two decades. This dedication to public safety is the standard for the third largest law enforcement agency in the El Paso County and the largest school district police department in West Texas.

    As a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year department, the EPISD Police Department is responsible for providing police services for:

Stalking/Harassment Hate Crimes Weapon Crimes
  • Aggravated Assaults
  • Assaults
Property Crimes
  • Aggravated Assaults
  • Assaults
  • Special Problems
  • Benefit Abuse
  • Classroom Problems
General or Technical
  • Intelligence gathering (gangs, tactical, safety)
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Search Warrants
  • Background Investigations
  • Fingerprinting
  • Any function assigned by the Chief of Police
  • A jurisdiction covering just fewer than 253 square miles, approximately 66,000 students, approximately 10,000 teachers, administrators and additional school staff, approximately 95 schools, centers and administrative offices.

    EPISD Police deploys 42 sworn personnel in a variety of ranks:

    • Chief of Police
    • Lieutenant (1)
    • Sergeants (3)
    • Investigators (1)
    • Police Officers (37)

    EPISD Police employs 13 civilian personnel:

    • Dispatchers (7)
    • Security Surveillance Tech (2)
    • Security Surveillance Manager (1)
    • Emergency Manager (1)
    • Secretary (1)
    • Senior Clerk (1)


    Our Officers hold certain licenses depending on years of service and training which include the following licenses:

    Masters License (30) * Advanced License (4) * Intermediate License (1) * Basic License (8)

    The EPISD Police Department establishes a diverse deployment of its resources, maximizing the department's availability to provide the most effective and modern police services possible. Amongst these resources is a variety of assignments that officers, upon successful completion of a police academy and probation, are eligible to apply for (some assignments require a minimum of 2 to 5 years of field duty).

    In addition, the EPISD Police Department employs seven dispatchers and two civilian department clerks.