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    Sergeant  Armando Molinar started with the School District Police in February 2005 and helps supervise the department, consisting of 37 officers, 6 dispatchers, and two clerical workers.

    Sergeant Molinar retired from the El Paso Police Department after 25 years of service. His last 15 years were spent in the El Paso Police Gang Unit, which included Gang Intelligence and a member of the State-recognized Drive-By Shooting Response Team. He also spent the last 15 years with the El Paso Police Department's Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Team as an Assistant Entry Team Leader.

    Sergeant Molinar supervises 20 Police Officers, including the evening shift. He is responsible for the training needs of the department. Sergeant Molinar is a State Certified Firearms Instructor, TCOLE Certified Instructor, SWAT Instructor, and the Department's Gang Intelligence Officer. Sergeant Molinar has received numerous awards, including CLEAT Officer of the Year, Associated Texans against Crime Officer of the Year, and the Chief Meritorious Award.



    Sergeant Donica Pedregon, is a 15-year veteran of Law Enforcement and Army Combat Veteran which has taught her the importance of serving her country and community.  Sergeant Pedregon has a bachelor's in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resource Management and a Master's in Business with an emphasis on Human Resources Development. Sergeant Pedregon coordinates all aspects of training, including teaching, advising and development. 

    Sergeant Pedregon approaches each situation with compassion and concern. She is a self-motivated individual and a natural encourager and enjoys learning what motivates others, coaching them and helping them to perform at their highest level and enjoys new challenges. She is meticulous in compliance and takes pride in all she does. 

    Duties include:

    Training Coordinator

    Develop power points, rosters, lesson plans and evaluations, Excel spreadsheets

    Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and recommend improvements to upper management.

    Recruitment of new hires.

    Organize and edited training manuals, multimedia visual aids and other educational materials.

    Deliver a wide variety of courses including topics on communication, team building, required TCOLE courses and School Based Law Enforcement.

    Develop policy for the department.

    TCOLE files custodian

    Work with School Administration, parents and students

    Field Training Officer Supervisor

    Trained school staff and officers during demonstrations, meetings, conferences and workshops and ensure compliance.

    Communications Supervisor

    Background investigations/ hiring process/ Internal Affairs complaint screening

    Scheduling employee assignments/supervise officers/ work with Department Secretary on budget related items.

    Work with School District personnel in community engagement, interviews and projects. Attend leadership  workshops.

    Sergeant Pedregon currently holds a Master Peace Officer Certificate. 

    Sergeant Pedregon has experience in undercover, tactical operations, investigations, patrol, and bike patrol.

    Sergeant Pedregon is currently a part-time instructor at El Paso Community College Law Enforcement Academy. 

    Sergeant Pedregon  enjoys teaching and giving back to her community. She was a mentor for the Anthony Police Department Explorer Program, a member of the Strong Safety Coalition and The National Society of Leadership and Success. 



    Sergeant John Solis was promoted from one of two investigator assignments the department maintains. During his tenure Sgt. Solis worked in Middle Schools and high school settings. Sergeant Solis has overseen the department’s interaction with the El Paso County Juvenile Probation Department and has become a member of the SHOCAP (Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program) since 2009. Sergeant Solis has been elected Vice-Chair of the SHOCAP Committee twice since 2009. Sergeant Solis was instrumental in the development and implementation of the Department owned LIVE SCAN used to process juvenile offenders and is responsible for the training and records involving juveniles. Sergeant Solis also maintains the departments UCR reporting, department statistics assists with evidence handling, traffic enforcement, and the department's RRT team. Sergeant Solis has been the department's TX Dot grant administrator since 2014. Sergeant Solis holds a Master Peace Officer Certification and has been a certified Texas Peace Officer for 22 years. Sergeant Solis is currently the department weapons armorer and is certified to teach Sergeant and radar for traffic enforcement. Sergeant Solis supervises 13 officers including 1 patrol shift. In addition to his required training, he has completed the FBI Command School, Texas Association of Property and Evidence Inventory Technicians, AR-15 armorer certification, Glock armorer certification.