• School Uniform Policy and Dress Code

    Polo shirts: Long or short sleeve, with collar.

    Color: Maroon.


    Pants, skirts, jumpers or skorts

    Color: Navy blue.


    Length: Skirts and jumpers must fall below the extended arm and fingertips. Pants may not touch the floor.


    Waist: All waistbands must fit without the aid of a belt, although a belt is required.


    All polo shirts tucked in at all times


    Footwear: Tennis shoes or shoes that are closed toe and heel. No flip-flops/sandals allowed.


    Exemptions: Parents who have philosophical or religious objections to uniforms may submit a letter to the Associate Superintendent. The Associate Superintendent will make a determination whether or not an exemption will be granted.



    -Hair must be kept clean and combed. No hair designs.

    -No hair coloring beyond the normal range of natural hair colors.

    -No tattoos, face, or body painting of any kind.

    -Earrings must be small with minimal hanging parts for girls, no earrings on boys.

    -No midriff exposure.

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