Risk Management Audits

  • Purpose

    Audits and inspections are a critical part of a safety and health program in which the workplace is examined closely on a regular basis for the purpose of:

    • identifying and recording potential and actual hazards associated with buildings, equipment, environment, processes and practices;
    • identifying any hazards which require immediate attention, whether they are unsafe conditions or unsafe acts;
    • ensuring that existing hazard controls are functioning adequately; and where appropriate, recommending corrective action. 


    It is the policy of the El Paso Independent School District that audits and inspections of the workplace are conducted in a professional manner. The safety inspection checklist will be used to record the location of all hazards, any necessary corrective action, and the target date for completion. Immediately following the inspection, the Supervisor/Principal shall meet and consider the following:

    • What hazards were reported on the checklist?
    • What items on the list should take priority?
    • What corrections can be made on site and by whom?
    • What work orders should be generated?
    • What items from the previous inspections have not been addressed and what should be done?

    The safety inspection findings status report will be used to record items that were not corrected immediately during the inspection. The resulting report (safety inspection findings) will be provided to the Supervisor/Principal, ranked in priority order. Both the safety inspection checklist and the safety inspection finding report will be reviewed during the next inspection to identify the status of reoccurring items.

    Employees will conduct informal inspections of their work areas and tools. If any potential exposures or deficiencies are identified, employees are expected to rectify the situation immediately if they are able. If not, they need to notify their supervisor.