Responsible Person

  • Students who are under 18 years of age and do not reside with a parent must complete a responsible person affidavit. A Responsible Person Affidavit makes the adult responsible for a student in all school-related matters. The responsible adult must reside in the District on a full time basis. The affidavit will be completed at the student's campus of enrollment. The Application must be notarized prior to submitting it to the campus (see form below).

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    Requirements for the Responsible Person Affidavit

    • A certified copy of the Birth Certificate (A hospital record or baptismal certificate will be accepted pending receipt of the birth certificate within thirty days).
    • The student's last report card.
    • Non Parent Relative or Volunteer Caregiver Authorization Agreement (To be used by grandparents, uncles, aunts or adult siblings) Power of Attorney (with seal) or court order. All Power of Attorney letters must be in English.
    • Responsible person's government issued valid picture I.D.
    • Proof of Residency (Utility bill, rental lease, or purchase contract if you are purchasing a new home).


    Revocation of the Responsible Person Affidavit

    If the student has problems with attendance, tardies, discipline, low grades due to lack of effort, or lack of parent/responsible person cooperation, the permission may be revoked by the Director for Student and Parent Services.

    STEP - Parent Affidavit

    The El Paso Independent School District follows District Policy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) New Windowfor releasing student information or allowing individuals to pick up students who are less than eighteen years old. If you are the step-parent of an EPISD student there are two ways in which you may participate.

    1. The father or mother may write a written statement indicating that you have the biological parent's consent to hold conferences and pick-up the child. Your demographic information will be listed as an emergency contact only. You will not be able to phone in absences or make educational decisions. 
    2. Submitting a Step-Parent Affidavit to the campus will allow you to make educational decisions, attend conferences, call in absences and make disciplinary decisions.