Bus Rules

  • Appropriate student behavior is essential to the safe operation of District transportation. Students must comply with the expectations of the Student Code of Conduct (SCC) while using District transportation. In addition to compliance with the SCC, students are expected to comply with the following transportation rules:


    • Comply with lawful directives issued by the driver.


    • Do not extend any body part, clothing, or other article outside of the transportation.


    • Do not mark, deface, destruct, or tamper with seats, windows, emergency doors, or other equipment.


    • Do not obstruct the driver's view.


    • Do not throw objects inside the transportation or out of the windows or doors.


    • Enter and exit transportation in an orderly manner at the designated stop.


    • Follow the driver's rules for food or beverages


    • Keep aisles clear of books, bags, instruments, feet, or other obstructions.


    • Keep hands, feet, other body parts, or objects to yourself.


    • Refrain from making loud or distracting noises.


    • Remain seated in designated seats facing forward.



    Student Code of Conduct 2023-24