• The Texas legislature, Senate Bill 346, recently mandated that ImmTrac, the Texas immunization registry system, expand to a lifetime registry. This means that when a student is a client of ImmTrac and turns 18, he/she can give consent to have their immunizations maintained in the ImmTrac system throughout their adulthood. Presently, once the student turns 19, the immunization record is permanently removed from ImmTrac.

    Should you wish to keep an ongoing record of your immunizations in ImmTrac and are 18 years of age and/or are about to turn 18, please print out the below "ImmTrac Adult Consent Form (F11-13366)", sign it and carry it to your local primary care provider . Should you have questions about your status as an ImmTrac client and/or have questions about how to have this signed.

    ImmTrac Forms

    Imm Trac Consent Form (F11-13366) English!

    Imm Trac Consent Form (F11-13366) Spanish!