Funding Priorities

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    State matching funds would be used to provide all eligible EPISD employees with a one-time $750 stipend in December. 


    The safety and security of students remains a top priority for EPISD.  Funds generated through the Penny Swap could be used to hire additional campus patrol personnel and install cameras at campuses.


    EPISD offers high-quality academic programs and is a leader in dual-language education. Penny Swap funds could be used to continue the expansion of dual-language to all grade levels at every elementary school, and continue the support of popular programs such as New Tech, International Baccalaureate and career-oriented magnet programs. Funds also could be used to continue the training of teachers in the successful Active Learning Framework.


    Every secondary student in EPISD receives a laptop to facilitate 21st Century Learning. Penny Swap funds could be used to further support the 1:1 distribution of devices in our middle and high schools. Funds also could be used to support continued improvement of technology in classrooms throughout the district.