Approved Curricula / Programs Middle School

  • EPISD is dedicated to ensuring that all students in 6th-8th grade receive health education. The goal of health education is to develop health-literate youth who understand basic health concepts. A growth and maturity unit is taught to 6th grade students within their comprehensive health class. All middle schools are required to implement a human sexuality unit in 7th and 8th grade during the students' physical education class.

    Middle school campuses have the option of choosing from two approved curricula. Campuses may enhance their health instruction at any time by utilizing the approved supplemental programs listed below. Parental consent procedure for notification of the human sexuality unit will be through the use of a passive consent form on an annual basis.

    Recommended Curriculum

    Big Decisions

    This abstinence-plus curriculum contains ten lessons, plus a parent session, which discusses topics such as anatomy and reproduction, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence and contraceptives, goals and dreams, influences, and the power to say "no". The parent sessions contains information on how to help children make healthy decisions about sex, teaches five steps to use when talking to their children about sex, and allows parents a chance to view the curriculum.

    Additional Approved Curriculum

    EPISD Human Sexuality units:The EPISD curriculum was created with the use of the state adopted textbook – Teen Health, Glencoe MacMillan McGraw Hill Co. During the 3–week unit of instruction, 6th grade students will learn about growth and development (puberty, heredity and growth) and understanding STD's (symptoms, treatment and prevention). During the 3–week unit of instruction, 7th grade students will learn growth and development (endocrine and reproductive system, and human development) and understand communicable and non–communicable diseases (diseases and STD's). The 8th grade unit consists of a 9–day instruction that covers topics such as body systems (endocrine and reproductive system), growth and development (beginning of life, heredity, and stages of development), and communicable diseases (STD's and infections). Documents:  Middle School, High School

    Approved Supplemental Programs

    No Means NO:

    This program was created to empower teen-aged youth through a one-time workshop discussing the legal ramifications of sexual assault, dating violence, improper cell phone use and other related crimes. No Means NO, addresses how not to become a victim but also, how not to become a perpetrator, and provides the necessary tools to have healthy responsible relationships now and in the future.
    (Contact- Rose Alvelais, Program Manager,

    Power 2 Wait:

    This abstinence-centered teen pregnancy prevention program is designed to offer guidance to school districts, communities, and parents to reduce the need for future family planning services for unwed minors. Power2wait offers free tool kits for school districts and community groups with interactive CD-ROM and card games for grades 4th – 12th to supplement current sex education curricula. Furnished by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

    Power 2 Talk:

    This interactive website targets parents to talk to their kids about sex with the and websites. These websites assist parents in communication with their child. Both sites link into the sister site for students,, which features interactive learning video games for students' grades 2nd – 12th

    Approved Curricula/Programs Elementary

    Always Changing:
    This single lesson elementary growth and development presentation is approved for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. The video and student guide for girls and the video and student guide for boys can be downloaded and viewed at any time directly from the program’s website along with additional available resources. Student guides are available in English and Spanish. An active parent consent form is required for students to participate in this program (under “Links”, below).

    Just Around the Corner:
    This single lesson elementary growth and development VHS video presentation is approved for 5th and 6th grade students. The VHS video can be checked out from the student's school nurse to be viewed by the parent at school or at home. An active parent consent form is required for students to participate in this program (under “Links&rd, below).

    Recommended Links and Forms

    Documents Visit the website of Parents Television Council, a non–partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment with the mission of protecting children and families from graphic sex, violence, and profanity in the media, because of their proven long-term harmful effects.