• 403(b) Annuity Program

    It's never too early or too late to start investing towards Financial Independence!

    El Paso Independent School District offers employees the opportunity to participate in a "before tax" retirement savings plan.

    The El Paso Independent School District has chosen to have the 403(b) Plan administered through the Region 10 Retirement Asset Management Services (RAMS)* program.

    The Region 10 RAMS 403(b) Administration Services are offered to public school districts and other education agencies in Texas.

    EPISD's Administrator is TCG Investments.
    TCG Investments is the third party administrator contracted through Region 10 to provide this service. Contact TCG investments a 1-800-943-9179 or www.region10rams.org/contact

    In accordance with EPISD Policy GKDA (Legal), the District does not endorse the solicitation
    of any tax deferred or other benefit plan on any campus/department. Contact the Director, Employee Benefits for more information.


    Vendors who (a) are on the approved list of 403(b) vendors products published by the Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and (b) agree to follow EPISD'S 403(b) plan rules and meet the administrative requirements necessary to keep the plan in compliance with federal and state laws will be available in the plan.

    • All 403(b) agreements are done online at http://www.region10rams.org/contact
    • Choose both a vendor and a product when you set up a payroll deduction.
    • Use the website to view your account balance with participating vendors in the plan.
    • You are required to request distributions and loans through http://www.region10rams.org/.

    As of January 1, 2009, EPISD is required to operate under a Written Plan that complies with IRS rules. EPISD's Written Plan is available by going to the Region 10 RAMS website http://region10rams.org/, selecting "403(b)" and selecting EPISD.

    TCG Investments is completely independent of the investments and vendors offered in the plan and TCG Investments will not sell 403(b) products to employees.


    Every eligible employee of the District should supplement his or her Teacher Retirement System Account. Careful planning for your retirement years should begin early so that your money can work for you and your financial future


    Take a look and compare saving pre-tax vs. post tax

  • Save More and Take Home More!

    All contributions are deducted from your paycheck before income taxes are withheld. For the tax year in which you contribute, your income may fall in a lower tax bracket, resulting in lower taxes paid to the IRS. Contributions grow tax-free and any earnings are also tax deferred until they are withdrawn. You will usually be in a lower tax bracket at retirement, when you can begin distribution.

    • You can contribute up to the 2018 Yearly Maximum of $18,500.
    • There are other contributions available under special circumstances:
    • Catch-Up >50 Provision allows you to contribute an additional $6,000 if you are over the age of 50.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    For further information on the 403(b) Program, you may also contact: Kim Dean, Employee Benefits Coordinator at 915-230-2064