Conducting Research in EPISD

  • The El Paso ISD Research Review Board (RRB) is committed to supporting quality research that addresses questions of educational importance and contributes to the improvement of the educational program in the District. The RRB will be very selective when considering and reviewing application submissions. If you have specific questions please contact Victoria J. Orozco at

  • Research Application Update

    The RRB will continue to align itself with the District’s requirements and take appropriate steps to support its efforts to prioritize the health and safety of not only our students and staff, but also the El Paso community. We encourage you to check back on our website for any updates, as the situation is continuously changing. 

    Important Messages

    In order to address the issue of survey fatigue in EPISD, research proposals with surveys are not considered for review.

    Demands on staff resources of the district will be assessed; the additional work to retrieve and collect data for research studies may not always be feasible with the limited resources available to us. 

    The EPISD RRB will request a modification to any application submitted without the required partnering materials, which may cause a delay in processing the application. The applicant must consult with their district sponsors in order to secure any required partnering materials (e.g., contracts, MOUs, data sharing agreements, etc.) to be vetted through the appropriate District offices for any data that is housed, collected, and maintained by the district.

    Application Process

  • Step 1: Review the district guidelines and deadlines

  • Step 2: Step 2: Answer the Research Study Screening Questionnaire

  • Step 3: Complete the electronic application using the link emailed to you and upload all additional documents