Sites on Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs

    Monitoring the Future Provides drug related statistics on use, prevention, and treatment
    CDC's Tobacco Information and Prevention Source Focuses on breaking the cycle of addiction, including adolescent tobacco use and prevention.
    Drug Terminology Drug terms, including "street names", fact sheets, statistics, and media influence.
    No Tobacco Provides information useful for research papers, anti-tobacco assemblies, and much more.
    Tobacco Free Tips on how to quit, resources for research, and news updates.
    Tobacco Free Kids Emphasis on how tobacco companies market their products to youth. Includes resources for contacting local and state agencies on legislation against tobacco companies.
    Drug Detection Fact sheets of alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants, etc.
    Drug Free Resource Net Information and answers to commonly asked questions.
    Alcohol:  Problems and Solutions Comprehensive information on alcohol-related topics such as drinking and driving, binge drinking, alcohol abuse, advertising, etc.
    The Drink Wheel Online calculator of BAC based on information provided by the user.
    Talking with Kids Offers information on sexuality, violence, drugs, and alcohol and how to talk to kids about these topics.
    Tobacco Ads Parodies Tobacco ad parodies created by students to help promote consumer awareness.
    National Institute on Drug Abuse Resources for educators, parents, and students on the science of drug abuse.
    The Anti-Drug Information on substance abuse prevention, including lesson plan ideas and resources.
    Science, Tobacco and You Students explore the harmful effects of tobacco, strategies for handling peer pressure, and the role advertising plays in promoting tobacco addiction.