Sites on Food & Nutrition

    Square Meals Texas Department of Agriculture site offering tips on healthy eating for parents, kids, and schools.
    Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Information of food handling and safety initiative, and food labeling related to dietary needs.
    Center for Science in the Public Interest General resource for a variety of nutritional awareness issues including newsletters, press releases, and current nutritional research.
    Food and Nutrition Information Center U.S. Department of Agriculture site with information on healthy school meals, food bourne illnesses, the food guide pyramid, and dietary guidelines.
    Dole-5 a Day Multimedia website focusing on the importance of fruits and vegetables.
    American Dietetic Association Understand the food pyramid with daily tips, hot topics, and nutrition resources.
    Ask the Dietitian Calculate healthy weight and caloric intake, nutrition analysis, information about food additives, preservatives, and allergies.
    You Are What You Eat: Interactive Guide to Good Nutrition Interactive site that allows you to examine your diet and plan nutritious changes.
    Arbor Nutrition Guide Searchable database categorized by subject, and a special section on cultural nutrition.
    The Healthy Refrigerator Information about healthy eating to prevent heart disease.
    Portion Distortion Demonstrates how portion sizes have changed over the past 20 years.
    Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Comprehensive FDA site with special sections for kids, parents, and teachers.
    Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter Addresses a variety of questions relating to current trends and nutritional concerns.
    Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion Promotes dietary guidance linking scientific research to the nutrition needs of consumers.
    Dairy Max Nutrition Network Excellent source for teaching information, recipes, and information on nutrition.
    "Food and Nutrition" Newsletters Texas A&M Cooperative Extension site with links to the extensive archives of the "Food and Nutrition" newsletters published by the Texas A&M University System.
    The Peanut Institute Everything you ever needed to know about peanuts.