Sites for Teachers

    Health Teacher Over 200 lesson plans (K-12) developed using the National Standards for Health Education.
    Tim Olson Tim Olson, a middle school teacher, developed this site to share what he does as a health teacher.
    New York Times Lesson plans to support tobacco, alcohol, and other drug prevention, for high school students.
    Links for Health Educators A comprehensive list of links on all health education topics.
    Education, Training, Resources Health promotion resources, including books, posters, pamphlets, and programs.
    Glencoe Health Online Instructional resources from Glencoe Publishers.
    FDA & You For health educators and students.  Information on the latest FDA medical products and health news.
    Body and Mind Offers current, credible, and applicable interactive content that your students can use to investigate health, PE, and science topics.
    Teachers' Freebies Resources, materials, and services teachers and other educators can get for free.
    Center of Wellness Without Borders University of Houston website offering health and fitness ideas.  Click on "Teachers' Corner".
    Current Health Teachers Guide Editors provide additional information with this web extension to Current Health magazine.
    Teacher Source Lesson plans for all grade levels on topics from aging to substance abuse.