Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management

  • Course Objective

    To provide students with broad-based learning on the task, knowledge, and skills required by anyone wishing to build a career within the hospitality and tourism industry.


    Hotel Management - HT2I10S1W3 -13022300 - It is a 1 Credit Semester-Long Course

    • Hotel Management focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to pursue staff and management positions available in the hotel industry. This in-depth study of the lodging industry includes departments within a hotel such as front desk, food and beverage, housekeeping, maintenance, human resources, and accounting. This course will focus on, but not be limited to, professional communication, leadership, management, human resources, technology, and accounting.


    Travel and Tourism Management -HT2I20S1W3 - 13022500 - It is a 1 Credit Semester-Long Course

    • Travel and Tourism Management incorporates management principles and procedures of the travel and tourism industry as well as destination geography, airlines, international travel, cruising, travel by rail, lodging, recreation, amusements, attractions, and resorts. Employment qualifications and opportunities are also included in this course


    Hospitality Services - HT3I10Y2 It is a 2 Credit Year-Long Course

    • Hospitality Services provides students with the academic and technical preparation to pursue highdemand and high-skill careers in hospitality related industries. The knowledge and skills are acquired within a sequential, standards-based program that integrates hands-on and project-based instruction. Standards included in the Hospitality Services course are designed to prepare students for nationally recognized industry certifications, postsecondary education, and entry-level careers. In addition, Hospitality Services is designed so that performance standards meet employer expectations, enhancing the employability of students. Instruction may be delivered through laboratory training or through internships, mentoring, or job shadowing

    Benefits and Certification

    Graduates of the program receive a Certificate of Completion after passing both the first and second year final exams. In addition, after the work place requirement has been met (100 hours of internship), students are eligible for a proffesional certification. This designation is recognized internationally and is called the Certified Hospitallity & Tourism Management Proffesional.