Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

  • Students attending these campuses will not need to fill out an application for meal benefits. These campuses will eat breakfast and lunch at no cost from the first day of school. Students not attending these campuses will need to complete an application to determine eligibility for meals. If you have students at both CEP and Non-CEP sites, you must include all students in your one family meal application.

    Sites on Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)



    About Face Douglass Moye
    Aoy Green Newman
    Archie Duran Guerrero Park
    Barron Hart Powell
    Bliss Hawkins Putnam
    Clardy Herrera Rivera
    Clendenin Hillside  Rusk
    Coldwell Johnson Stanton
    Collins Lamar Travis
    Cooley Sunrise Mtn. Joseph E Torres
    Crockett Logan Western Hills
      Moreno Whitaker


    Armendariz Guillen Morehead
    Bassett Henderson Teerrace Hills
    Canyon Hills La Farelle Wiggs
    Charles Magoffin  


    Andress El Paso Raymond Telles
    Austin Irvin  
    Burges Jefferson  
    Bowie CCTA  


    Don Haskins