Urgent Care for Kids

  • El Paso ISD has partnered with Virtual Care for Kids to make it possible for your child to be seen by a Doctor or Pediatric Provider right from the nurse’s office through 2-way video conference.


    Step 1: Receive Care Immediately

    If your child is registered for the program, the online school nurse can evaluate your child, and if needed, he/she will connect with a doctor or provider through secure two-way video conference similar to FaceTime or Skype.

    Step 2: Visit with a Pediatric Doctor or Provider

    The doctor or provider will evaluate your child and determine if any onsite testing is needed for illnessess such as the flue or strep throat. The school nurse will facilitate necessary testing and provide over the counter medication if needed.

    Step 3: Get Well Sooner!

    If needed, we'll send a prescription to a pharmacy near you. We'll also provide a full visit summary or send the notes to your primary care physician.

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