NEW!! EPISD Self-Funded Health Plan

  • As a District of Innovation (DOI), and in accordance with the amendment to the Local Innovation Plan, Administration has designed an alternative self-funded group health plan to be offered for coverage effective September 1, 2019, in addition to the TRS Active Care Health Plan without opting out of the program.

    Some highlights of areas where EPISD’s plan have better benefits.

    EPISD’s CDHP (High Deductible) is still $0 for single coverage. Plus, we have added the Employer sponsored Health Savings Account.  The other EPISD CDHP tiers reduce premiums 13% on average .

    The EPISD Self-Funded Plan provides lower out of pocket expenses for employees in most areas.

    The CDHP Option (High Deductible) provides 100% coverage after the deductible is met.

    Teledoc is covered 100% after deductible with two provider options.

    Coverage under the Traditional PPO for Emergency Room visit is $500 copay and then 20% after the Deductible is met.  Under the CDHP Emergency Room visit is 100% covered after Deductible is met. Before the bill is sent, Cigna will be negotiating with any out of network providers. No balance billing. 

    Cigna has 24/7 Customer Service 365 days a year.

    Preventive Care is Holistic in nature in that it provides both a Well Woman exam and a Complete Physical.  This is especially important to EPISD since the majority of employees are women.

    Annual Vision exam is covered at 100%

    Rx copayments are less.

    Anyone moving from TRS- AC2 to any other plan has even bigger reductions with better benefits and lower premiums