Fort Bliss Committee

  • In 2014, EPISD and Fort Bliss established a Military Committee which meets every other month to improve communication between Fort Bliss and EPISD.  Open to the public, this collaborative town hall forum is designed to better serve military families. 


    Committee Members

    • Diane Dye, EPISD Board Trustee
    • Chuck Taylor, EPISD Board Trustee
    • Juan Cabrera, EPISD Superintendent of Schools
    • COL Tyler J. Oxley, Military Representative to the Committee
    • Dr. Carla Gonzales, Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Schools
    • Tom Thomas, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (West Texas)
    • Dr. Deborah Trexler, Director of Fort Bliss Youth Education Services
    • Alan Wiernicki, EPISD Chief Quality Officer



    The purpose of this committee is to improve the relationship between Fort Bliss and the El Paso Independent School District in order to better serve military families.

    • Establish Initiatives
    • Build Collaboration
    • Improve Communication
    • Ensure Transparency