• Dual Credit

    Students at Franklin who express an interest in enrolling in Dual Credit courses for the following school year will be measured for college readiness. The TSI test will be administered in the spring semester, and those who demonstrate readiness will be enrolled. The following courses are offered in Franklin's dual Credit Program during the 2020-21 school year: English 3, Learning Framework, US History, Biology, Medical Terminology, Economics, Music Appreciation and Sociology

    Every Dual Credit student is registered at both Franklin and EPCC. If he/she withdraws from FHS or moves, it is the student's responsibility to also drop the EPCC course by contacting Maria Pizana in L135, at mapizana@episd.org or on her google voice number (915) 247-6279.  FAILING TO FORMALLY WITHDRAW FROM A DUAL CREDIT COURSE MAY VERY LIKELY AFFECT FUTURE COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID. 

    Franklin High School is trying to increase dual credit offerings for the 2020-2021 school year.  “Typically” most classes will need a minimum of 22 students to make.  During pre-registration students grade 9 through 11 will be given the opportunity to sign up for the following dual credit classes

    Dual Credit English 3          

    Dual Credit U.S. History  

    Dual Credit Sociology

    Dual Credit Communication Application

    Dual Credit Music Appreciation


    Learning Framework 

    Biology (Magnet students only)

    Medical Terminology (Magnet students only)