• Official EPISD Logo and I Am EPISD Button


    Official EPISD Logo 

     EPISD Seal




    I Am EPISD Button

    I Am EPISD Button        



    The official EPISD logo should be used for authenticating official district documents, such as diplomas, transcripts, certification of board actions, trustee and superintendent publications, and other official correspondence. Both the official EPISD logo and the I Am EPISD button may be used on promotional and marketing materials (such as brochures, posters & flyers). 

    To ensure the integrity of the district logo and button, here are some guidelines:

    • Do not modify the official district logo colors, content, or graphic elements.

    • The official district logo can be downloaded from episd.org/branding.

    • Maintain the official log's proportions. The scale/size of the logo may be adjusted to fit the needs of the layout; do not stretch or distort it.

    For promotional and marketing materials the official EPISD logo is required and should be prominently displayed.


    One-Color Reproduction

    1. When reproduced in color the logo should appear in the EPISD signature deep blue color, black or all white for reverses on dark backgrounds.
    2. Black, white and gray are the only alternate colors that may be used when the deep blue cannot be used.
    3. The logo can be reversed out (white) when the background is deep blue, black or gray.



     SEAL BLK      I Am EPISD Button Black



     EPISD Seal Logo    I Am EPISD Button Reverse