Pre-K Activities at Home

  • Dual Language Students should complete activities in both English and Spanish   

    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    English:  Reading/Writing and Social Studies
    Spanish:  Math and Science 

    Tuesday and Thursday
    Spanish:  Reading/Writing and Social Studies
    English:  Math Science 



    • Read a fiction or nonfiction book to students  
    • Discuss how to take care of books, the parts of the book, and discuss unfamiliar vocabulary in the book 
    • Who were the characters in the story? 
    • Write a response to the book that was read 


    • What did the characters look like? 
    • How did the characters feel in the story? 
    • What did the characters do in the story? 
    • Draw pictures of the characters in the story.  
    • Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story. 
    • Retell parts of the story 
    • Recognize rhyming words 
    • Talk about the pictures in the story 


    • What facts were in the book? 
    • Were there pictures with captions? 
    • Were there photographs or illustrations?

    Science Read a book about science (insects, animals, etc.) 

    • Sort small items around the house by size, shape, color  
    • Why did you sort it this way? What is another way to sort? 
    • Use objects in the house to build (boxes, pots, pans, books, cards)  
    • How many boxes did you use? How can you build it another way? 
    • Find things that move (in the house, outside, in books, on TV) 
    • How does it move? Why does it move that way? 
    • Make things move such as paper airplanes, balloons, kites 
    • How can you move it in a different direction? 
    • Cook at home using measuring cups and spoons 
    • Use toy cars to build ramps with different sizes and discuss speed, and then sort cars by color, speed and size 

    Social Studies 

    • Read stories about people in the community 
    • Review rules for crossing the street while walking and riding a bike 
    • Discuss different jobs in the community and what they do 
    • Create a book about different jobs with pictures and words 


    Counting up to 10 

    • Use different objects as counter such as beans, paper clips, or cereal and count the objects to get a total 
    • Add counters together to get totals 

    Arranging Counters 

    • Write 1-9 on index cards or pieces of paper then use counters to match the number on the card 

    Comparing Sets with Equal, More or Less 

    • Using counters create different sets. (Example: 1st set has 3 beans and 2nd set has 2 beans) 
    • Which set has more, which set as less, which sets are equal? 

    Counting Throughout the Day 

    • Count up to 30 by counting objects around the house or outdoors. 

    Sorting by Characteristics 

    • Using small items around the house sort them by size, shape and color

    Why did you sort it this way? What is another way to sort? 


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