How Does EPISD@Home Work?

  • Most students will use Schoology to engage in online learning. The purpose of having an online learning platform such as Schoology is to maintain instructional continuity - to the extent possible. Using Schoology, teachers will be able to connect with students, provide direct instruction, create assignments and provide feedback. Schoology will primarily be used in grades K-12. Teachers serving Pre-K students will communicate assignments to parents via communication channels that were in place before the closure.    

    Let’s take a brief tour of what students will see when they log into Schoology:  

    When students log into Schoology they will see a screen that looks similar to this:   

    Schoology Dashboard

    On the top of the screen is how students move from one course to another, such as Math, or English Language Arts. A set of boxes will appear that show are all the courses students are enrolled in. They Students may also check any emails from fellow students or teachers.  

    The left side of the screen is where materials, class updates and helpful information such as grades appear. The middle section is where the most important information appears: class updates, as well as materials and assignments, are displayed in the center section, depending on what was clicked on the left side.   

    Create Updates

    For instance, a teacher may wish to let students know that there is a new assignment scheduled for tomorrow and it is due a week from today. She would post that information in the UPDATE section as well as in the calendar on the right side.   


    Assignments will be in the “MATERIALS” section. Students may click on “MATERIALS” to see any assignments that the teacher has assigned. Depending on the assignment, the student may be able to complete it online, or it may be something that requires “offline” time and effort to complete.

    Parents may monitor their child’s progress using the Schoology App for iPhone or Android, or by logging in on the website. Parents will need their child’s access code, provided by the teacher, to access Schoology.  

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