• Learning at Home Recommendations 

    Create a Learning Space in Your Home 

    Dedicate a specific and comfortable space in your home where your child can concentrate on learning. A desk for instance or a place in a room that has few distractions. Make sure the TV is turned off during learning. Remove other distractions such as smartphones or video games.

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    Make Learning Routine in Your Home 

    Structure and routine are as important to maintain some sense of normalcy.  Sample schedules for K-12 are provided for reference on this site.  Teachers will provide students with schedules that specify when classes, including direct communication with them will occur.  Parents can support learning by being aware of those schedules and making sure that students follow them to the extent possible.  Parents are not expected to teach academic content.  However, parents are encouraged to check in with their child(ren) to discuss what is being learned at the end of the day.   


    Stay Organized 

    Students use a wide variety of tools such as notebooks, pencils, pens and textbooks to stay organized and work on assignments in all of their subject areas. Students should still have these tools available in their home learning space in addition to their digital device.  At the end of the day, we recommend that the learning space be cleaned and prepared for the next day.  Please don’t forget to recharge digital devices overnight. 

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    Connect as Needed 

    Students do not have to be online at all times during the school day. Schedule online times to match the schedules set by teachers. Teachers will be scheduling live sessions and recorded sessions, as well as posting assignments on Schoology.  Some assignments will require online work and others will not. Communication with teachers about assignment expectations will be critical.  Please be sure to ask the teacher for clarification if there is any doubt about what is expected.   


    Take a Break 

    We encourage students to take breaks on a regular basis. These breaks may take the form of having a snack, taking a short walk, enjoying a mindful moment, or connecting with others.  Brain breaks are important in maintaining energy and focus. 

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