Teacher, Learner & Parent Roles

  • Teacher

    • Set up engaging learning activities for the week in the designated online learning environment 
    • Set up times for virtual conferences and academic support 
    • Monitor student work and provide feedback 
    • Maintain regular contact with parents 
    • Provide grades as appropriate 


    • Log into online learning environment to see learning activities for the week 
    • Join virtual conferences as scheduled (or see recordings if unable to attend live) 
    • Complete learning activities & ask for feedback as needed 
    • Participate in special challenges and enrichment options (when provided) 


    • Provide encouragement 
    • Create a learning space in the home 
    • Help children follow the recommended learning schedule 
    • Talk to children about what they are learning  
    • Communicate with teacher(s) as needs arise  
    • Access social-emotional and community resources as needed 

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