Dr. Josefina Villamil Tinajero PK-8

  • Scope of Work

    New Building Additions

    • Middle School Classrooms
    • New Library, new fine Arts, new administration
    • New Middle School Gym

    Renovations to Existing Henderson

    • Demolition of Administration Building
    • HVAC Upgrade to Refrigerated Air to building C&D (Academic Buildings)
    • New Electrical Systems to building C&D (Academic Buildings)
    • Aesthetic Upgrades to building C&D (Academic Buildings)
    • Minimal upgrades to existing Gym & Cafeteria



  • Tinajero LOGO new

  • Budget


    *This total is based on an anticipated project schedule and adjusted for inflation. Project totals may change based on revised project schedules during the course of the five-year bond.

Construction Budget

  • $33,906,896

    *The Construction Cost Limitations (CCL's) for each project are the amounts left for construction once contingency and soft costs have been taken out.  Soft Costs include:  Construction Contingency, Specialty Consultants, Technology & Cabling, Furniture & Fixtures, Movers, Permits, Hazardous Materials and in some cases Portable Costs.

    Budget Breakdown