• Donald Lee Haskins

    (Lincoln Middle School, Roberts Elementary, and Bond Elementary Consolidation)

  • * Images are for illustration purposes only. Project is in development and may not represent final design.

  • Scope of Work

    New Building Additions

    • Middle School Classrooms
    • Administrative Offices
    • Middle School Gym
    • Library
    • Fine Arts Classrooms

    Renovations to Existing Lincoln

    • HVAC Upgrades
    • New Electrical Systems
    • Aesthetic Upgrades

    Demolition of Lincoln Gym and Back Wing


  • Budget 


    *This total is based on an anticipated project schedule and adjusted for inflation. Project totals may change based on revised project schedules during the course of the five year bond.

Construction Budget

  • $40,313,262

    *The Construction Cost Limitations (CCL's) for each project are the amounts left for construction once contingency and soft costs have been taken out.  Soft Costs include:  Construction Contingency, Specialty Consultants, Technology & Cabling, Furniture & Fixtures, Movers, Permits, Hazardous Materials and in some cases Portable Costs.

    Budget Breakdown

Project Team

  • Assigned Architect

    GA Architecture

    Assigned Contractor

    Urban Associates Inc.

  • Estimated Completion

    Summer of 2021

    Expected Consolidation Date Fall of 2021


  • Sun Bears

  • Orange, Columbia Blue, and White



  • Haskins