Counselors are important
  • Hello Brave Bull Parents,

    Welcome back to a new school year! My name is Una Millan I have been working as a Counselor at Tom Lea Elementary since we opened the school in the 2008-2009 school year. I have been in the field of education for seven-teen years including my experience as a classroom teacher for six years. Recently, another counselor joined our team! Ms. Rebecca Montoya has twenty-five years of experience in education including being a classroom teacher for seven years. It has been a true blessing to have her on our team.

    As counselors, we provide a wide variety of services to parents and students. Our main role is to provide direct services to the students with guidance lessons (character education), small group counseling and individual counseling. Our main goal is to address any social, emotional, personal, behavioral or academic needs of the students. We look forward to interacting with all of our students virtually and eventually in person. *Please don’t forget to have your children log on to our character education lessons. This instruction is imperative in establishing rapport with our students. We will be addressing the BIG 3: Treat Others Right, Make Smart Decisions and Maximize Your Potential using our Core Essential values program.

    Contact information:

    Una B. Millan M.Ed. (915)843-8774

    Rebecca Montoya M.Ed. (915)308-4664

    Feel free to contact us; we’re here to support you!

    Thank you!