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    We will be issuing laptops to students who are new to the district soon. Once the student's parent/guardian has completed and submitted the PowerUP agreement, the campus will request a laptop for the student.

    We will notify you when the laptop is ready to be picked up.

    Students who do not have laptops on the first day of school are still required to log into their classes to avoid being withdrawn. Students can log in on any device they have available (personal laptop, iPad, cell phone, etc.). If students are using their cell phones, it is highly encouraged that they download the apps for Schoology and their teachers' chosen videoconferencing tool(s), as it will be easier to navigate than in their Internet browser. They can also download apps, free of charge, for Adobe Acrobat Reader and MS Office, which will make it easier for them to read any documents that have been posted in Schoology. Teachers are aware that some students do not yet have a district-issued device and will work to support these students.

    Please contact the campus if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support and patience!

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