• Want Your Child to Read......


    The Library will offer curbside pickup for students to check out books to read. You may look at the books in our catalog and then email the books that you would like to checkout for your child’s reading pleasure. Then send me an email of the books that you would like. If you are not sure of what to select, then let me know your child’s grade level and reading interest or subject. I will collect the books and check them out to your child. I will return your email with a schedule day and time for you to pick them up. I will then provide curbside pickup of our books to your vehicle. Please look at the Tom Lea online library catalog at the following link: https://elpaso.tlcdelivers.com/?config=178#section=home


    Pick up days: Wednesday and Thursday

    Time: 2:40 pm to 4 pm


    Contact: Lisa K. Gailey Email: lkgailey@episd.org


    I hope this will help our children to continue reading and enjoying a great book.




    Lisa Gailey, Librarian

    Tom Lea Elementary School