• Welcome back! This past spring we experienced a year like no other and will continue to make history with our first ever, virtual re-opening of public schools across the nation. I want to let you know that although the education of our children is important to us, so are you and your child’s health. There will be an abundant amount of information coming out over the next few weeks as we finalize plans to open the schools and provide face to face instruction in the safest and healthiest way. I want you all to be confident that when you send your child to school, whether it be later this fall or spring, I will have your child’s best health interests at heart. Not only am I your child’s school nurse, but I am a resident of this community and have my own two children attend our community’s schools. My daughter will begin her kinder year here at Tom Lea and my son has moved on to 6th grade at Nolan Richardson. I will do my best to serve OUR community and families the best way I can during this uncertain and stressful time.


    I have attached some documents and tools for you and your families to use in beginning this school year. It is important that we support our children and talk with them about the current situation. We do not know the long term effects this will have on their generation as we are in new territory.


    If you need to reach me, please contact me via school phone: 915-230-5450, email: algutier@episd.org, or my google voice phone number (work from home number) 575-322-2861.