Student-Device Protection

  • EPISD is providing remote learning for all students for the first eight weeks of the 2020-21 school year. All students grades Pre-K through 12th have been issued a District iPad or Macbook Air for instruction. We want to assure parents that we have many safeguards in place to protect students’ digital privacy and to protect the content they are viewing.

    EPISD is partnered with Common Sense Media to teach digital citizenship to all students. For more resources and tips on how to help your child be a responsible digital citizen, visit


    Q. What protections are in place on district-issued devices?

    A  All devices are managed using a Mobile device Management solution (JAMF).  Students are not able to download any apps that are not vetted and approved by district staff. A cloud-based service secures  user Internet access on any device, from any location. The platform monitors web browsing and blocks any inappropriate content. Uses will see a “blocked page” notice when attempting to access questionable content over the Internet.


    Q  Can parents add additional protections to devices?

    A  At this time, there are no parental controls available on the device other than visual oversight. However, we have systems in place to block inappropriate content. We recommend that parents monitor the use of the device and screen time outside of school work.


    Q. What steps are taken if inappropriate content is reported?

    A. When inappropriate content is reported, the network team adds the URL to the blocked list for all district users


    Q. How do you protect student privacy on devices?

    A. Students are not allowed to download any apps that have not been vetted by District administration. Known malicious sites are blocked from access. Three layers of protection against email phishing for email for all district users, which is the No. 1 way to obtain personal information.


    Q. Are social media sites blocked?

    A. Social media sites are blocked for all students under the age of 13.