• Pre-Leave Procedures

    1. Secure either Block Leave Orders or a letter from your Commanding Officer stating the dates of the Reintegration Block Leave.
    2. Plan your request according to leave dates provided.
    3. Acquire Military Block Leave Request Packet from your school.
    4. If you have more than one student at a campus or at different campuses, complete pages 2 and 3 of this packet for each student.
    5. Request a Attendance History Report for your student(s) from the school(s).
    6. Review (request as needed) Grades and Progress Reports for your student. If your student is failing or in danger of failing classes, extended absences are not recommended.
    7. Submit Reintegration Block Leave Request to the school no later than ten (10) school days before the first day of requested leave to ensure timely processing.
    8. Attach a copy of leave orders or letter from commanding officer to this packet when submitting packet to the campus.
    9. Schedule a meeting with your principal or designee to discuss the request, the potential impact upon your child, and to develop plans for class credit and make up work.
    10. Read the entire packet for a clear understanding of the rules and how your student(s) could be impacted.
    11. Ensure you receive a copy of the completed packet from the campus.

    Post-Leave Procedures

    1. Contact the school upon return to schedule a meeting with the school principal or designee and/or the teacher to discuss make up work and class credit procedures. 
    2. Ensure that your student has completed all make up work and plans (see attached form) established by the school to secure class credit.
    3. Monitor your child closely for academic performance. Seek assistance from the school at the first sign of academic or other difficulty