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    A message from our principal Ms. Cynthia Anderson (06-24-20):

    Welcome to Hillside Elementary. I've been blessed as an administrator here at Hillside for 12 years, 3 years as an assistant principal and 8 years as a principal. I try to establish positive relationships with the school community to include neighbors and businesses. It is only together that we are able to make have a positive impact. In light of this COVID19 Pandemic we are planning how to continue instruction in the safest manner. I thank you for your patience, feedback, and support. 

    Please make sure to register your child online. Once your child becomes a Hillside Warrior, they will always be a Warrior! We know that you send the most important person to us, it is our duty to treat every person with dignity and respect. Our faculty and staff are very caring and go above and beyond to ensure your child is safe first and foremost. The rest follows.

    Here is our Hillside Code of Honor that our students recite everyday:

    1. Treat others and all property with respect.

    2. Walk on the right side of the hallway.

    3. Keep your hands, feet, and object to yourself.

    4. Come to school prepared.

    5. Use appropriate language at all times. 

    As we face everyday interactions and we stumble on challenges. One of my favorite phrases is: "WhaT aRe You going to do about it?" At first, I thougth this was kind of rude when a close friend of mine asked me that question one time as I was sharing some challenging moments I was going through. It made me stop and think....... that is great question! It brings out self seeking solutions that are in your control. I am an extremely positive person, yet sometimes I need someone to help get me off my tree. I think we all need that from time to time. So the answer to the question is TRY.

    --Cynthia Anderson, Hillside Principal




  • Cynthia Anderson, Principal