• Welcome!

    A message from our principal, Ms. Lugo:

    As principal of M. J. Lundy Elementary, it is my pleasure to welcome all our mountain lions back to an enriching year. We are looking forward to seeing our students return to our beautiful building and playgrounds. I missed the smiles and laughter in the classrooms and hallways. I cannot wait to hear the summer adventures experienced by our students.

    Lundy is a wonderful place to learn and we believe that the best way to create an outstanding learning environment is to collaborate with our parents and volunteers. Lundy has a culture of comradery, parental involvement and volunteerism we invite you to become a member of our PTA where you will have numerous opportunities to help.

    The Lundy faculty is an outstanding team of professionals they train and plan all summer to prepare for a successful year. I want to thank them for investing so much time reflecting, adjusting and planning research-based practices to challenge our students. Teachers will be goal setting using data with all their students to empower and prepare them for an outstanding future.

    This year we will be using a new curriculum through Texas Resource System. I will be providing more information to parents who want to learn more about the new EPISD curriculum resource during the monthly Coffee with the Principal meetings. In an effort to keep you informed we will share information through our Saturday phone call out, PTA Facebook, Lundy Facebook, and Lundy school website. If you need specific information about your child's classroom, do not hesitate to call the main office or contact your child's teacher.

    The focus this year will be on Active Learning incorporating technology to help our students make connections using what they learn in the classroom with the real world.

    It is an honor to serve the Lundy community. Students' success is our common goal and I look forward to our partnership and commitment to excellence.

    Warm Regards,
    Lourdes L. Lugo
    Lundy Elementary