Message from the Principal

  •  July 19, 2021

    Hello Newman Parents,

    We are excited to welcome your students back as we get ready to start the 2021-2022 school year. Students will return to the campus for in-person instruction starting on August 2, 2021. All students will start the school year with Face-to-Face instruction. Please be assured that we are here to support your students as they transition back from their virtual learning environments. We acknowledge that our previous school year was very challenging but with your support, our students have thrived and will continue to make progress. We will continue to keep safety protocols in place such as sanitizing all classrooms, bathrooms, and common areas, daily. Masks are not required, but students may continue to wear them if they would like to do so. Please make sure you contact the school if you have any specific health concerns regarding your child.

    Our school and district are aware that many of our students will need additional support to get our students back our track. Our teachers and staff are preparing to support your child academically by providing intensive instruction, tutoring, appropriate learning materials and the social emotional support that our student will need. Please make sure you keep in contact with your child's teachers regarding their academics on a regular basis. 

    Attendance will be a key component for the academic success of your child this year. Please make sure your child is coming to school every day. If you child will need to miss school for any reason, you must contact the campus the day of their absence. Our campus will be monitoring the attendance our students throughout the year by contacting parents/guardians when students are excessively absent. Academic progress is severely impacted when students are not in regular attendance.

    This year select teachers at our campus will have teacher residents (student teachers) who will be working with the regular classroom teacher. One of our campus teachers, who will be serving as our MCL (Multi-Classroom Teacher Leader), will support these mentor teachers. Teacher residents will work with your child's teacher but are not the teacher of record for the classroom. The additional teacher in the class will help to provide additional academic support your child. Our campus believes the additional support of a mentor teacher will improve the performance of our students in the areas of reading and math. If you would like additional information regarding this program, please contact me.

    Students will be required to wear uniforms this school year. In addition to the polo shirts, students may also wear our logo t-shirts. Our shirts are navy and red and the uniform pants, jumpers, or shorts can be in khaki or navy. I have attached a copy of the prices and information from one of our vendors on our campus website. If you are financially unable to purchase uniforms, please contact the campus. Students may wear a solid color shirt in navy or red with jeans until uniforms are purchased. Jeans must be in good shape and not torn. School supplies will be very basic this year. Please see the District list here:

    I am looking forward to a great school year. Please let me know how I may serve you by contacting me at the school (915-236-5825) or via email at

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    Pauletta Howard M.Ed.

    Principal - Newman Elementary


    "Building our Future one child at a time"


    Assistant Principal

    Elizabeth Gavilanes - Discipline



    Title lX Coordinator 

    Elizabeth Gavilanes 



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    Main Line: 915-236-5825

    Discipline: 915-236-5836

    Guidance Counselor: 915-236-5825 Ext. 2501

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    Student Records Fax: 915-759-8306

    Cafeteria Number: 915-236-5899

    Fax Number: 915-759-8306