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    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to engage, educate and empower families, community and professional staff to facilitate effective family and community partnerships that foster the academic and personal development of all students so that they may graduate college and career ready.


    The Family Engagement Department will be an innovative leader to ensure that all families, educators, and community members become partners in the life-long success of all students by empowering all participants and giving them the skills and knowledge to be active, well-informed contributors in our students’ education.


    • Communication
    • Transparency
    • Shared Accountability
    • Integrity
    • Service Orientation
    • Collaboration
    • Respect
    • Connection
    • Trust
    • Honesty


    Goal 1: Build capacity of Parent Involvement Assistants and Parent Engagement Leaders to provide training opportunities for parents.
    Goal 2: Strengthen the partnership between families, educators, and community members to increase shared responsibility for improved academic outcomes.
    Goal 3: Create a family friendly and welcoming culture that is conducive to family engagement and student learning.

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