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  • Welcome to Staff Development. We take pride in our mission to provide support for teachers and staff of our district. Our goal is to provide all members of our educational community with the training, tools, and resources necessary to empower those who make the greatest impact on our students.

    The most important responsibility of every educator is to provide the conditions under which people’s learning curves go off the chart. Whether one is called a principal, a teacher, a professor, a foundation official, or a parent, our most vital work is promoting human learning ... and above all our own learning. (Barth, 1996, p. 56)

    Mission Statement

    The El Paso Independent School District graduates every student prepared for higher learning and careers to empower them as knowledgeable and engaged citizens, innovators, and drivers of a robust, bicultural economy.

    Vision Statement

    The El Paso Independent School District will be a premier educational institution, source of pride and innovation, and the cornerstone of emerging economic opportunities producing a twenty-first century workforce.

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